Be proud


It’s always a truly precious feeling to witness that your hard work actually matters. You don’t get that feeling while you enter your brand new car or put on that glam dress brought yesterday.
As far as I’m concerned it’s something more.
“Thanks for the drawing, it’s stunning.”
“I buy it. This logo design sticks to my brand. No questions.”
” I didn’t know all these details about those flowers out in my garden, glad for your advice”.
It is really awarding. These are only words. But powerful enough to make you keep going, like nothing else.

To be honest, it is not only about designing things people find appealing. I find the process of solving their particular problem much more fascinating. What truly turns me on is hearing and observing that I managed to make my creative work a piece of design that actually works.

Whether you talk about logo, print design or creating for web, it all comes to one point.
Your new business card, website, corporate identity, illustration, poster, or whatever else, name it. You love it, it makes you feel good. And people around are supposed to see it and appreceate or.. envy:)

I believe it’s worth seeking these moments when people thank you for whatever you did. The more these things you discover, the richer person inside you become.

Time to go back to work. The results are awarding enough:)