What drives me crazy?


Human vegetation. Doing things repeatedly. No aim.
All these things are present in a majority of the Jones’s lives. They do what the surroundings want them or oblige them to do. They live to meet somebody’s but not their own expectations. Work, television, sleep. Oh, maybe some nice dinner with the family from time to time.
Asked about their work, they say work as work, good to have it done. And that’s how it goes all over again 5 days per week, sometimes even longer.

We have one life. Too precious to make it a bunch of boring, aimless mornings and evenings 365 times per year.

Yes, I guess that’s what makes me frustrated. And it motivates me to live different.


One thought on “What drives me crazy?

  1. Wow, this has resonated with me so much. Great post. I absolutely hate this too. It’s like people have lost all ambition and dreams to be themselves. The dreams and ambitions are there, hidden within them, but they’re too afraid because people choose to ‘play it safe’. Go mainstream.

    Loving this post a lot! Keep it up. 🙂 Looking forward to future posts


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